What is it going to take? Grassroots & Youth Activism

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What is it going to take before we commit to real change?

If you don’t know the history, then you are not talking about the right things or addressing the right questions. We need to know the history that got us to this place.

If you do not understand the history that got us to this place, then you will not make a difference. We need to understand that history to ask the right questions and work towards change.

As we continue this conversation, join us to hear from community members who, from their lenses as students and community organizers, share their insights as to “What is it going to take?”

We are joined by community members:

  • Ari Gibson, Youth March Organizer

  • Emory Brinson, Youth Writer & Spoken Word Artist

  • Ismaail Qaiyim, Housing Justice Coalition

  • Jasmine Hines, Charlotte for Black Futures

  • Jessica Maria, Community Organizer, Action NC

  • With brief history by Dr. Willie Griffin, Resident Historian

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