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The Museum offers walking tours, in-person visits, and virtual tours for K-12 Students.

For more information on all group opportunities, including additional costs for guided experiences, and group scheduling, please email Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige at, or click the button below to complete an interest form.

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  • Take your students on a self-guided or guided walking tour of Charlotte’s historic Brooklyn neighborhood with our free KnowCLT app, which allows you to see seven locations in Brooklyn as they once were through augmented reality!
  • Guided experiences begin in historic Second Ward. Your guide will provide historic background on Brooklyn and additional information as your group walks between each of the seven stops on the tour.
  • Paid car parking is available in the lot by historic Grace AME Zion Church (219 S. Brevard St.).
  • There is first come, first served bus parking at 500 S. Brevard St. in the lanes before and after the parking deck at the nearby NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  • Headphones are strongly recommended.
  • Max size for guided: 100 people per group
  • Tour length: 90 minutes to 2 hours


  • Visit us in person when we reopen in the Fall of 2022.
  • Men of Change will be the featured exhibit. Please note the other half of this exhibit can be seen at the Harvey B. Gantt Center, located at 551 S. Tryon St.
  • Admission to the museum is free.
  • Group visits can be scheduled Tuesday through Sunday during the Museum’s open hours.
  • The closest car parking options are Three Wells Fargo Center at 401 S. Tryon St. or The Green deck at 425 S. Tryon St. Please visit CK Parking for information on rates and availability before your visit.
  • Group buses may drop off and pick up in front of the Museum at 401. S. Tryon St. There is first come, first served bus parking at 500 S. Brevard St. in the lanes before and after the parking deck at the nearby NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  • There are no lunch facilities at the Museum, but there are many restaurants in walking distance.
  • Recommended time: 1 hour
  • Max group size: 35


  • Students can virtually experience one of three thematic tours of our From Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers exhibit on the history of Charlotte, NC and the Carolina Piedmont after 1865 or a tour of our Brooklyn: Once a City Within a City exhibit
  • Tour length: 1 hour
  • Max group size: 85
  • Platform used: Zoom
  • Themes offered:
    • Growing Up in the New South: Journey through 150 years of New South history from a young person’s perspective.  Learn about the experiences, from every day to revolutionary, of sharecropping children, mill kids, and young freedom fighters of the Civil Rights movement.
    • New South, New Women: Following the 100-anniversary year of the 19th Amendment, learn about the lives and achievements of Piedmont women and their agency in the labor, suffrage, and Civil Rights movements and beyond.
    • Carolina Civil Rights Journey: Discover the triumphs and challenges faced by African Americans in the New South after the end of slavery, and how Black North Carolinians fought for the promises of the New South to be kept.
    • Brooklyn, Once a City Within a City: Explore the rise and demise of Charlotte’s Brooklyn neighborhood, once the most thriving and vibrant Black community in the Carolinas, and how its story is still relevant today.


In January-March 2023, we will be offering professional development workshops for educators:

  • Facilitating Classroom Discussions
  • Inquiry? Creating Opportunities for Student Questioning in the Classroom
  • Teaching with Primary Sources



  • Kindergarten: B.1, K.G.2, K.H.1
  • First Grade:C&G.1, 1.G.2, 1.H.1
  • Second grade:C&G.1, 2.E.1, 2.G.1, 2.H.1
  • Third grade:B.1, 3.E.1, 3.G.1, 3.H.1
  • Fourth grade:C&G.1, 4.E.1, 4.G.1, 4.H.1
  • Fifth grade:B.1, 5.C&G.2, 5.E.1, 5.G.1, 5.H.1
  • Sixth Grade:G.1, 6.H.1
  • Seventh Grade:B.1, 7.H.1
  • Eighth Grade:B.1, 8.C&G.1, 8.C&G.2, 8.E.1, 8.G.1, 8.H.1; 8.H.2
  • American History: B.1, AH.B.2, AH.C&G.1, AH.C&G.2, AH.E.1, AH.G.1, AH.H.1, AH.H.2, AH.H.3
  • Civic Literacy: C&G.3, CL.H.1


Educators will soon have access on our website to a collection of inquiry-based case studies on topics in North Carolina and United States History. These are geared toward the North Carolina 8th Grade Social Studies course but can also be used by teachers of various grades and subjects.


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