Theodore Williams of Open Air Market | Eastland Mall. Photography by Alvin C. Jacobs, Jr.

Theodore Williams of Open Air Market | Eastland Mall. Photography by Alvin C. Jacobs, Jr.

#HomeCLT: People. Places. Promises.

Exhibition Prototype Launch. Opens Feb. 27.

Join us for the first launch of a work in progress, an exhibition that will continue to grow, change and evolve over time. Give us feedback, help us test a new Augmented Reality app, share your own stories and join the conversation about Charlotte’s future!

What is #HomeCLT?

#HomeCLT is an exhibit series rooted in the stories of Charlotte’s neighborhoods. #HomeCLT aims to show the city in the words of its diverse residents, to reveal the unexpected, to prompt reflection and dialogue, and to inspire civic participation as Charlotte strives to build a more equitable future.

Behind every city are the stories of the people who live there. It’s these experiences that give meaning to the places we call home. Charlotte is a New South city, forged by powerful market forces and stubborn racial inequities that have impacted everyone who has ever lived here.

The present challenge of lagging economic mobility in Charlotte is a legacy of our shared history. As a city looking forward, we can’t plan for the future without understanding how the history we’ve inherited has shaped our city today.

The first iteration of #HomeCLT includes the stories of the Eastland Mall, Enderly Park, Hidden Valley, Dilworth and Sedgefield neighborhoods. Through an Augmented Reality app developed by Dr. Ming-Chun Lee of UNC Charlotte’s College of Arts and Architecture, visitors will “see” the demographic changes in these neighborhoods occur over time as visuals and graphics are projected on their phones and other devices.

The exhibit includes a video recording booth where visitors can tell their own stories of the neighborhoods they have shaped and that have shaped them. It also features work by Charlotte photographer, Alvin C. Jacobs, Jr., and videographer, David Butler, and is made possible by generous support from lead sponsor, Crescent Communities. 

Brooklyn Call.fw.png

Our History Needs Your Story!

For the next chapter, Levine Museum would like to work with the community of Brooklyn to tell the history of the neighborhood and share individual stories.

We are currently recruiting Brooklyn community members who are interested in helping us shape this project by sharing their memories and experiences. We are seeking individuals who:

• are willing to be interviewed and tell their story,

• have photos or objects to share,

• or can recommend someone to contact.

The Brooklyn story will be told at both Levine Museum and in Second Ward through a walking tour that uses an augmented reality app. This innovative technology will show users old Brooklyn streetscapes where current structures stand and share site-specific memories.

Help us uncover and share your past so that we can build a more just and equitable future.

Please contact Eric Scott, Director of Exhibits and Programs:
704-333-1887 ext. 224