What is it going to take? Reimagining Policing: A Tale of Two Cities

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Join us for this special conversation in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society, as we dive in with community leaders advocating for change on the grounds of both Charlotte and Minneapolis.

Charlotte panelists Tiffany Fant (Charlotte for Black Futures, Sol Nation) and Kristie Puckett-Williams (ACLU NC) join Minneapolis’ Autumn Dillie (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, American Indian Community Development Corporation), Sheila Nezhad (MPD 150 Project), and Octavia Smith (MN Freedom Fund ) in a conversation, moderated by Dr. Tekla Ali Johnson, Historian and Archivist at Johnson C. Smith University, about community safety and re-imagining policing.

Historical insights provided by Dr. Michael Lansing and Dr. Willie Griffin.

If you do not understand the history that got us to this place, then you will not make a difference. We need to understand that history to ask the right questions and work towards change.