Group Visits

Levine Museum welcomes groups of all ages and interests. Self-guided and guided tours of the award-winning centerpiece exhibit Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers are available year round and are ideal for classes, business teams, community groups, family reunions, bus tours, clubs and other organizations.

In addition, groups may visit any of the temporary exhibits on display while at the Museum.

Groups consist of 10 or more individuals and should be scheduled approximately 2 weeks in advance of the visit.

Admission and Fees

Youth/Student ages 6-18       $4 per student

Adult and Senior                    $6 per person

Gallery Guide Fee                 $35 per guide (1 guide per 25 visitors)

Complimentary admission for 1 group leader and 1 bus driver.

Payment is due in full in advance or upon arrival at the Museum on the day of your tour and must be paid in a single transaction. Admission fees are based on the number of people who are present upon arrival. You are responsible for the number of Gallery Guides you reserve.



Vans and cars may park in the Seventh Street Station next to the Museum and receive 2 hours of validated, complimentary parking. After 2 hours, parking fees apply.

Bus parking is available but must be arranged in advance.


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