#ShapingCLT: COVID-19 in Communities of Color – What History Tells Us Part III

Levine Museum of the New South#ShapingCLT, Live Events

The disproportionate effect of Covid-19 outbreak on communities of color is not unique, and history confirms it. We have been here before. So, what does history tell us?

Health inequality and access has particularly affected many within the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community, but the ongoing pandemic has also brought with it hate crimes and harassment towards the AAPI community.

Guest panelists Dr. Heidi Kim, Cat Bao Le, and Chavi Koneru join Levine Museum’s Braxton Winston in a deep dive into the history of inequalities and otherness towards Asian American and Pacific Islanders, its manifestation during the pandemic and how local groups are organizing support in these trying times.

Moderated by Braxton Winston, Community Connections Manager at Levine Museum of the New South.