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Levine Museum of the New South Expands Programs and Hires New Historian


CHARLOTTE, N.C., (May 11, 2018) – Following a year of record-breaking attendance, Levine Museum is expanding its programs to reach even more people with events including a conversation series that explore current issues, a history-and-culture series for young adults, more free family days, a deeper partnership with schools, and an exploration of Charlotte’s neighborhoods. The Museum will also welcome its new staff historian in June, Willie Griffin, Ph.D., a Charlotte native whose research reconceives the city’s role in the national Civil Rights movement.

“As community members look to make sense of profound changes sweeping our city, Levine Museum is the one place that provides context for contemporary issues and prompts conversations that lead to action,” said Kathryn Hill, Levine Museum President and CEO. “With our extended programs, upcoming exhibits and new staff members, Levine Museum will continue its legacy of using history to build community.”

The museum will present a multi-faceted project called “#HomeCLT,’’ an urban autobiography that will explore the rich, diverse history and culture of Charlotte’s neighborhoods. The project will include an exhibit at the museum as well as pop-up exhibits and walking tours in neighborhoods that will use mobile technology and augmented reality to help tell the story. The project kicks off this summer with an initiative, StoryMining250, which commemorates Charlotte's 250th birthday and seeks to gather 250 oral histories of individuals, representing the city's past and present.

"To address this city’s pressing issues, Charlotteans are hungry to get to know each other in a deeper way, and #HomeCLT will help our community learn and gain empathy and understanding of our many different cultures," said Hill. "As we explore local neighborhoods and stories, our new historian, Dr. Griffin, will be instrumental in finding and sharing the voices of people who call Charlotte home."

Among other new programs:  

  • A year-long conversation series, called #ShapingCLT, inspires action through discussion of pressing issues, possible solutions and a do-it-yourself social-change toolkit.
  • The Scene@Levine culture series for young adults begins in June and brings together Charlotte’s past and present through an evening of trivia, craft food and beer, and interactive challenges – for emerging young leaders, activists and those who want to get involved.
  • Free family days will double to six, which this year will include a celebration of Charlotte’s 250th birthday in the fall, as well as a Juneteenth educational program.
  • New South for the New Southerner, a revival of one of the Museum's most popular programs which introduces Charlotte's history and culture to newcomers and long-timers alike with retired Levine historian, Dr. Tom Hanchett and our new historian Dr. Griffin.

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About Levine Museum of the New South

Levine Museum of the New South is an interactive museum housing the nation’s most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War southern history. Through the award-winning exhibit, Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers, changing galleries and complementing programs, the Museum tells the stories of the diverse people who have reinvented and shaped the region since 1865. Over 50,000 people visit the Museum each year, including 10,000 students who enrich their understanding of North Carolina history and enhance critical thinking skills through their experience at the Museum.

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