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Tango or Samba Anyone? Conexiones: Exchanges Across Cultures with Music and Dance


Our summer series, Conexiones: Exchanges across Cultures continues with music and dance; Sunday, July 19 at 2:30pm. This month we will celebrate the dance and music of Latin America. Bring your dancing shoes (rhythm is optional) as we look at the movements of the region. Two of this month’s participants share the history of and provide instruction for the tango and samba. Meet Daniel Arredondo and Iya Silva.

Daniel Arredondo, Passion for Tango

"Tango originated in the suburbs of Buenos Aires towards the end of the 1800. With diverse roots that mixed rhythms such as the African Candombe, the Italian canzonetta, the French chanson, the Cuban Habanera, among others. The dance evolved through the years and during the early 1900s it became one of the most popular couple dances throughout Europe, giving birth to the European and the American Tango. 

Today, you can find Argentine Tango communities all around the world. Latin American culture is enriching the South in many aspects going from cuisine to the arts and values."

Iya Silva, Movimentos de Samba

"The history of Samba is very long.  Samba was brought to Brazil by the enslaved Africans from Angola Africa. They settled in Bahia and the Samba has evolved over the centuries. It has been played (music) and danced in the ghettos (Favalas) of Brazil.  

Iya Silva, Movimentos de Samba

Since I've moved here in 2008 the Brazilian Latin Culture has become more and more a part of Charlotte's Culture. A large part of making the Brazilian community less marginalized has been Capoeira, Movimentos de Samba and the annual carnival ball "A Night in Rio." It has blended more into Charlotte's community. This is an annual event that was created by me and Tony Areaza in 2010. This wonderful event has brought so much more great attention to the Brazilian community. The event is sold out every year!"




About Daniel Arredondo

Born in Argentina, Daniel Arredondo may be credited with bringing authentic Argentine Tango to Charlotte over 15 years ago. His tango, and his teaching of the art form, is enriched by his background in martial arts, modern dance, folkloric dance, and competitive ballroom dance. In addition, his childhood memories of watching Argentinean tangueros in his home city of San Rafael, Mendoza, inform his dancing to this day. 

In Charlotte, he hosts an ongoing free Monday night Intro to Tango class and Practica, Charlotte's longest-running tango event, offers weekly classes for dancers of all levels, and is the founder of Passion For Tango; an organization dedicated to teaching authentic Argentine Tango. 


About Iya Silva

Raised in Spanish Town Jamaica and San Francisco, California, Iya has been dancing and performing since she was six years old, mostly Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance. For the last 25 years, she has dedicated herself to learning, performing and teaching Brazilian dances, i.e. Samba, Afro Brazilian, Axe, Frevo, Samba Reggae etc. 

Since moving to North Carolina, she has taught and started Movimentos de Samba dance company in 2009. Movimentos de Samba has dancers both in Charlotte and Raleigh. The company has performed at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Theatre for DanceBrasil, The Carolinas Latin Dance company of Charlotte, Latin American Festival in Charlotte, and Charlotte’s annual, “A Night in Rio” Brazilian Carnaval Ball, to name a few.


Conexiones: Exchanges across Cultures is FREE to attend but you must register at