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Queen City Brews: NoDa Brewing Company


With over 17 breweries in the Charlotte-metro area and some 20 more on the way, Charlotte is now home to one of the nation’s most vibrant craft beer scenes. New South for the New Southerner: Queen City Brews explores the history of brewing with Daniel Hartis, author of "Charlotte Beer." Three local breweries have graciously provided sample beers for guests. We wanted to learn more about each of them and what sets them apart from other breweries. 

Meet the Noda Brewing Company

NoDa Brewing Company Photo by Jenn HarrisonHow did NoDa Brewing begin? 

The founders (husband and wife team) Suzie and Todd Ford, followed their passion for craft beer.  Todd was an avid local home brewer.  They hosted many successful tasting parties before taking the plunge, risking it all, and opening in October 2011.

What sets NoDa Brewing apart from other breweries in Charlotte?

A wide variety of beers and styles, weekly small batch Nodables, fun social media campaigns, NoDa area vibe, two locations both with tap rooms, community involvement (charities & sports) and the 2014 Gold Medal winner Hop, Drop 'n Roll at the World Beer Cup.

What advice would you give to non-beer drinkers interested in trying craft beer? 

Start with something lower alcohol by volume (ABV) and not hoppy, for example, a blonde ale, or a session beer - like our CAVU, Jam Session, or Par 4.

How can Charlotteans learn more about NoDa Brewing?

In addition to our website, we have a weekly e-newsletter (folks can subscribe via the website).  We are also very active on FaceBook, Instagram, TwitterPeriscope, and Google+.


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