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From the President, Kathryn Hill


Having been on the job only about ninety days, I am still on a steep and fascinating learning curve and I am happily discovering new facets of this organization daily.  But what I know unequivocally is that this is the hardest-working staff I’ve ever seen. 

With an Education staff of three, an Exhibits staff of two, and a scholarly staff of one, they have:

  • Served thousands of school children and casual visitors who came to see our award-winning exhibits;
  • Offered 42 programs and facilitated 32 dialogues that brought people together in an exploration of the Latino experience in the New South during our 2016 fiscal year;
  • Delivered exhibit experiences through Pop-Up Porches that bring history into communities throughout the City;
  • Planned tours for NUEVOlution and other smaller exhibits that ensure Levine serves communities throughout the South;
  • Delivered speeches, wrote papers and served on panels that have reinforced Levine’s national reputation;
  • Developed a new training program for businesses that uses history to build community in corporate Charlotte.

Behind-the-scenes, our Development, Finance, Facilities and Guest Services staff members have designed new administrative systems, established new relationships throughout Charlotte and beyond, automated our newsletter, brought on new talented staff members, and importantly, ensured we finished FY16 in the black.  For nearly a year, under the able leadership of Steve Bentley, they kept Levine Museum of the New South operating seamlessly in the absence of a president.

This staff has positioned Levine Museum as one of Charlotte’s most beloved cultural institutions and one of the nation’s most important museums.  We are now ready to embark on the next chapter in this institution’s remarkable life, as we explore new ways to ensure we are relevant to the communities we serve and financially sustainable in the future.  We are prepared to examine the role we play, as Charlotte addresses issues around economic mobility and social justice, and we will participate eagerly in the revitalization of the North Tryon corridor.  We will expand our reach into schools, corporations, and communities beyond our walls.

I am grateful to this remarkable staff and to the dedicated Board members who guide us.  And we are grateful, as always, to you whose support makes all of this possible. 

All of us at Levine Museum wish you a wonderful holiday season and all good things in 2017.  

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