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Ask a ¡NUEVOlution! Artist | Ricardo Morales


We are pleased to introduce the artists who have contributed works of art to ¡NUEVOlution! These talented artists represent the NUEVO South, as well as Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and many other countries. Their work expresses their experiences, stories and inspirations, from their home countries to their new homes in the South. 

NUEVOlution Artist Ricardo Morales

What makes screen printing different from other art forms? How do you think this type of art form demonstrates messages differently?

Screen printing is very versatile and easily accessible. It does not take a lot of equipment, or even knowledge, to get started. While it is known for bold blocks of color, screen printing can also mimic watercolors, charcoal or other styles. It can also be used on any surface – if you can find an ink that will adhere to it.

Most of your work is inspired by modern political movements and conversations with activists. How do you demonstrate these movements through your artwork in a way for everyone to understand?

I try to express these movements the way I understand them, which is as human experience. We all feel hope, pain, fear and excitement, and I try to send the emotional messages in a way that the viewer will resonate to it.

How has your art changed overtime as movements begin to change?

I have been part of these movements since I was very young, so my art has evolved right along with them. I see my art as being medicinal, which means I have to pay attention to what challenges people are facing so I can be useful. Early in a movement, people are often discovering their sense of themselves. At a later stage they need to tune in to other communities, movements and opponents order to move forward. 

What do you want people to walk away with after viewing your work in our ¡NUEVOlution! exhibit?

A sense of dignity. That is my underlying theme. People are hungry to be seen, to be recognized as something more than the sum of their social roles. If a piece of art treats its subject with that respect, the viewer feels validated as well.

About Ricardo Morales

Ricardo Levins Morales is a visual artist and long-haul social movement organizer. He applies the story-telling power of art to the needs of communities and social movements. He was a founder of the Northland Poster Collective which served the labor and other movements for thirty years. He works out of a storefront studio in Minneapolis. His art is widely published and used in struggles for racial justice, immigrant rights, ecological sanity and wherever else it is needed.



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