StoryMining 250

Levine Museum of the New South Kicks Off StoryMining 250 to be part of #HomeCLT Exhibition
Levine Museum is creating a multi-year, multifaceted exploration of the neighborhoods and communities in Charlotte. The story of Charlotte is the story of the people who live here today and lived here in the past. #HomeCLT strives to share everyone’s story whether you were born and raised here, or you only got here this week. We are all a part of Charlotte’s story and history.
A Call for Participation: Our History Needs Your Story!
StoryMining 250 is a project of Levine Museum of the New South and its community partners. It seeks to document and share the lives of Charlotteans at this particular moment in time, through oral histories, exhibits, and special programs, 250 years since the city was founded.
Your history is important to Charlotte’s history and you’re making history right now. 
If you or someone you know has a story to share about making a home in Charlotte, we’d like to know!
The Storyteller
StoryMining 250 is all inclusive because our history includes everyone. We want to hear from:
  • people from all over the city’s many unique neighborhoods
  • all ages 
  • all genders and sexual orientations
  • speaking authentically from Charlotte’s racial and ethnic diversity
  • all class/income/education ranges
  • every type of living situation: renting, owning, secure, insecure, Couchsurfing, looking 
  • newcomers, natives, long-term residents, rooted for life or looking to leave
  • various identifications on the political spectrum: red, blue, or the independent you
  • many roles in the community: residents, business owners, educators, activists, parents, clerics, students, workers, etc.  
We all have a story to share and a place in our city’s history. 
The Story
All stories should be:
  • true, not fiction 
  • written (with a 500 word-count limit) or
  • prose or poetry or
  • video (with a 3-minute limit) or
  • audio (with a 5-minute limit) or
  • illustrated with pictures
Submit your story or nominate a storyteller.