Changing Places

Program & Curriculum

The Charlotte region is suddenly experiencing a whirlwind of growth as newcomers from across the U.S. and around the globe begin to call this area home. This interactive exhibition experiences travels to schools for one month and includes exhibit panels, an audiovisual kiosk featuring international music and videos, educational videos as well as a hard copy of the curriculum, a trunk of artifacts with corresponding lesson plans and one visit from Museum staff to lead dialogue for students who are interacting with the exhibition.

Max. number of students: 100-150

Length of program: 45-90 minute outreach session or one month rental

Available dates: Monday-Friday

Location(s): Your School

Fees: $750 month-long rental (includes transport and installation at your school). $50 per group of 35 for outreach; $150 for assembly program.

Space/Technical requirements: Panels are large. There are 3 panels in all. Cafeteria, media center or auditorium space is ideal but some hallway/corridor set ups are usable.

To schedule please contact Eric Scott. Please provide grade level, number of students, program topic and three possible dates for the program. Two weeks advance notice is required.


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