Have a seat


Have a seat
Learn about the Sit-in Movement as local leaders share their stories at our recreated lunch counter


Education is a guiding value at Levine Museum. We offer a variety of experiences for children and adults to deepen understanding and increase knowledge of our past, to learn how it shaped our present, and consider how it affects our future.

Working with scholars, community partners, schools and educators, we deliver learning opportunities for all ages that invite individuals to engage in critical thought and conversation and to connect to the past, each other and the region.

Use the categories on the left to view available opportunities, programs and resources.

PROGRAMS & EVENTS: Information about the many different types of programs and series we offer. Select a category of interest for a description, and details on any that are scheduled.

FOR GROUPS: A number of opportunities are available for groups of 10 or more. From exhibit tours to facilitated dialogues, these allow groups to enjoy shared experiences that are educational and engaging.

FOR EDUCATORS:  Information on ways the Museum can support teachers in the classroom, here at the Museum or through professional development.

FOR STUDENTS: Opportunities designed specifically for students looking to go beyond the textbook and classroom, and broaden their overall knowledge and understanding.

LATINO NEW SOUTH RESOURCES:  Research and findings from our Latino New South Project that are available for organizations interested in learning about the "how" of our collaboration and engaging Latino communities.

HISTORY RESOURCES:  Websites and locations to continue your learning or help with your research.