Through this Lens

Through this Lens CLT
Our stories connect us, inspire others, and have the power to transform.

Project Description
Through this Lens unites Charlotteans—who also identify as immigrants—through the power of their stories. This project will connect and celebrate the immigrant experience.
With artistic dialogue, the Through this Lens community will offer our larger community a look through the many lenses of the immigrant experience. These lenses look beyond a single story. They capture belonging, pride, and our shared humanity. Developed by the League of Creative Interventionists.

Why The Project Exists
Through this Lens project holds space for Charlottean immigrants to: connect, be heard and seen, share in our collective immigrant pride, make meaning of their experience, and potentially be inspired to take action and use the power of our voice. For Charlotteans who do not identify as immigrants, Through This Lens aspires to offer
multiple lenses into the immigrant experience. As the non-immigrant community learns from these multiple perspectives, there is an appreciation for the stories, their complexity, and the myths they dispel.

How to Get Involved
We are interested in connections to the Charlotte immigrant community in order to connect with Charlotteans who would like to share their stories and partnerships with community organizations and businesses. Please contact Deepti Panjabi: drpanjabi@gmail.com to get involved. 


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