02.14.2015 - 08.23.2015

No Roadmap: Integrating the Charlotte Medical Community 1951-1965

In the spring of 2013, Mrs. Maxine H. Eaves, retired health care provider, set out to portray the quiet behind the scenes struggle to integrate Mecklenburg County‘s hospitals and the state medical society between 1951-1965. Working with Thereasea Elder, plus a planning committee and community partners, her vision of documenting Charlotte’s unprecedented journey from “separate but unequal” to care for all has resulted in a documentary film and exhibit.

The film premiered at Levine Museum in February 2014, and the exhibit, which opened at the Museum in February, is on display through August 23, 2015.

No Roadmap: The Path to Inclusion, Charlotte Medical Society, 1951-1965 tells the story of the daring young professionals who led their respective communities from status quo to racial freedom in a nation at war with itself. The exhibit features panels that highlight milestone events during the integration, related memorabilia and portraits of physicians who were champions of the movement.


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