11.26.2016 - 05.28.2017

Looking at Appalachia

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared unconditional War on Poverty in the United States, and nowhere was this war more photographed than Appalachia. Many of the War on Poverty photographs became a visual definition of Appalachia. These images, which depicted the poorest areas and people gained support for the cause, and came to represent the region and stereotyped its people. 

In an effort to explore the diversity of Appalachia and establish a visual counter point, this project looks at Appalachia fifty years after the declaration of the War on Poverty. Directed by Roger May, the community-sourced collection features images from a wide range of photographers within the region and offers a counter point to the picture created by the War on Poverty project of the 1960s.  Looking at Appalachia opens at the Museum on November 26, and will be on display through May 28, 2016.


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