06.13.2006 - 11.27.2006

From Cambodia to Carolina: Tracing the Journeys of New Southerners

In 1981, Cambodians began arriving in Charlotte and founded the first Cambodian Buddhist temple in the South. Within a few years, both Charlotte and Greensboro had become important centers for resettlement from that war-torn country.

Barbara Lau of Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies has worked with Cambodians in both cities to create a vibrant exhibit exploring how newcomers from this country have created new communities and adapted traditions. Visitors will experience exotic traditional costumes, artifacts and stories of the journey, as well as consider the impact of Asian immigrants and cultures on the ever-changing New South.

The exhibit was originally created by the Greensboro Historical Society, the City of Greensboro and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. It has been adapted and expanded by Levine Museum to include stories of Charlotte's Khmer community


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