06.24.2012 - 09.09.2012

Families of Abraham

This photographic narrative, which explores the commonalities among Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, has traveled and been exhibited at museums and colleges in North Carolina and around the country.

Led by project director and curator Eleanor Brawley, a team of eight local photographers followed eleven Jewish, Christian and Muslim families from the Charlotte area for one year, documenting their faith practices and daily lives. Photos were captured during Holy Days across the three religions, as well as special family moments and milestones. From this large body of work, images were selected to illustrate the many similarities and to promote understanding of the differences across these three faiths.

Brawley's work has earned her and the exhibit much recognition and attention. She has produced a television special on the exhibit, was selected for a panel on Exhibiting Religion at the American Association of Museums’ annual meeting in Philadelphia and was interviewed and featured on “The NEWSHOUR” arts blog.

In addition to the exhibit, a new hard-bound book was published by Brawley. Featuring the images and words from the exhibit, the book is designed for individuals as well as for use in educational settings, houses of worship and libraries. Proceeds from the sale of the book help support the continued travel of the exhibition, Families of Abraham.


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