Boots on the Ground

Currently installed at Charlotte Bridge Home, Boots on the Ground was first organized and first presented by Levine Museum in 2013, a decade after U.S. troops first entered Baghdad and launched the ground phase of the War in Iraq. The exhibit features photographs and stories that convey experiences and perspectives of four area residents.

Charlotte Observer reporter Mark Washburn and photographer Gerry Broome were embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. They worked to find words and images to engage and inform their readers here at home.

Bank of America executive Jared Rorrer served a year in Iraq. A North Carolina Army National Guard officer, he led supply convoys of long-distance truckers. His photographs tell the story of his experience, and how he helped his troops work as a unit far from home.

Artist Ráed Al-Rawi left Iraq rather than fight in dictator Saddam Hussein’s 1980 war with Iran. He made a new life as a U.S. citizen in Charlotte. In 2004 he could at last go back to Iraq for a visit. His photographs capture what he found as he returned to a warzone.

The nstallation at Charlotte Bridge Home was made possible thanks to in-kind contributions by the individuals whose work is featured in the exhibit and by Levine Museum staff.

Charlotte Bridge Home helps Charlotte veterans successfully transition home after military service by identifying their education, employment and healthcare needs and connecting them to available community, state and federal resources. More information at www.charlottebridgehome.org.


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