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Local Couple Doing Justice to their Name

While some people were struggling to find ways to stay occupied during quarantine, others were struggling to find ways to pay their bills. Even though there was a no-eviction law put in place, hotels were still threatening to evict their tenants. In order to keep those families from becoming homeless, a couple began raising money to support those who needed it. 

Tanise and Derrick Love started the giving circle campaign GiveBuyHi, which included raising money for those in financial need staying at hotels. Within the first 72 hours of starting the fundraiser, they were able to prevent 7 people from homelessness. After the first week, over $2,000 was raised, which assisted 19 people in 6 different families. By the second week, the Love family surpassed their goal of $2500 by raising $3288, and helping 30 people in 11 families. In addition, the couple supported local efforts led by the United Way, Foundation for the Carolinas, and the Crisis Assistance Ministry.


Their GiveBuyHi campaign encouraged others to stay involved with their community by giving to local charities, buying and supporting small local businesses, and showing support through social media by either tagging local businesses or by tagging @GiveBuyHi and using the hashtag #GiveBuyHi. 

The couple is all about positivity and helping others. When asked about the campaign during an interview, Tanise Love said “We know there are so many stories out there, and people in need. So, we’re just trying to do our part.” Derrick Love encourages people to, “be better to each other overall,” and expressed his opinion that “coming out of this global pandemic, I’m hoping society is just better in general.” They did not attribute the success of the campaign to themselves alone. “Our donors are awesome, you all are awesome,” said Tanise Love. 

To date they have helped over 15 families remain in hotels. While requests for assistance have slowed, they continue to show hotel residents that they are protected and have been referring them to LegalAid. Once this order is lifted though, they are expecting an increase in requests for assistance. 

As the pandemic progresses, they have asked people to do the following: 

Support local businesses – many of these small businesses have struggled to stay afloat. Some have not been able to reopen. [They] will likely start sharing GoFundMe campaigns for those.

Follow CDC Guidelines – while out and about, please distance and wear masks.

Keep checking in on each other.

Learn more about Mr. & Mrs. Love at 

Donate to the GoFundMe at July 10, 2020