Celebrating Healthcare Workers Past and Present

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Images of the past

Spotlight on Dr. Annie Alexander and Dr. JT Williams In light of the current coronavirus crisis, healthcare workers have never been more needed and cherished. Around the world, communities are showing their support of doctors, nurses, and medical staff on the front lines of this emergency.  Whether it is from clapping during shift changes or placing paper hearts in windows, … Read More

Piece of Home: Family

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Kathryn menu

A new web series from Levine Museum of the New South to help connect people Our President & CEO, Kathryn Hill, kicks off ‘A Piece of Home.’ A new series that asks all of us to think about and share pieces of our history found in our very own homes. Our first theme is Family, and Kathryn is sharing a … Read More

North Carolina Textile Mills Historically Helping the Country

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Charlotte Community History

NC Textile Mills Banded Together During Wartime to Help Soldiers. NOW They are Helping Those on the Front-line of the War Against COVID-19 Part of the Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers exhibit Across the country, medical workers on the front lines of the response to COVID-19 face a shortage of personal protective equipment. Health officials have said that people buying and … Read More

Volunteer Highlight: Lynda Walker

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Levine Museum of the New South Star Volunteer of the Month Ms. Lynda Walker is a long-time supporter of Levine Museum of the New South, in fact, you might have spotted her lovely face in our promotional materials and on the College Street displays on our building. 15 years ago, Ms. Walker moved to Charlotte from New York after losing … Read More

Thoughts on Being Isolated


M Gandhi Quote

Levine Museum of the New South strives to be the wind that blows culture to your home during this time! Please stay connected to us and each other on our website and social media! Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn

Social Distancing: New Phrase But Not New Concept

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1918 Influenza

Social Distancing during the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic The current situation with Covid-19 outbreak is not a unique epidemic, and history confirms that the less contact people have with each other, the slower the contagion spreads. Former historian, Tom Hanchett, shared this article from Quartz.com and the Charlotte Observer article above that shows that social distancing works historically. “Closed schools, … Read More

SHEro Power



HERstory: 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage Sunday, March 8th 2020, Levine Museum of the New South hosted it’s third family day of the year: HERstory. This year’s HERstory marked the 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment. The Museum partnered with Girl’s Scouts, Hornet’s Nest Council, League of Women Voters, and Generation Nation to allow families to … Read More

Heath Hardage Lee Shares Book about Wives During Vietnam War


The League of Wives

Author and Former Museum Employee Writes Book on Courageous Women and Lands Production Deal with Reese Witherspoon On February 19th, Levine Museum of the New South hosted Heath Hardage Lee, author and former Museum employee, to discuss her recent book, The League of Wives: The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the U.S. Government to Bring Their Husbands … Read More

Levine Museum Historian on Trezzvant W. Anderson, Postal Service and Black Labor Journalism in the New Deal Era


Our Historian Dr Willie Griffin

Dr. Willie J. Griffin published an article in the Duke University Press’ Labor: Studies in the Working Class. In “News and Views of the Postal Service: Trezzvant W. Anderson and Black Labor Journalism in the New Deal Era,” Dr. Griffin discusses Charlotte-native Trezzvant Anderson’s role in ending racial discrimination in the civil service as a railway postal clerk, labor activist, … Read More

Simon Tam Share Story of Fighting Injustice with Rock and Roll


Simon Tam

On Friday, November 22, 2019, The Levine Museum of the New South with help from the Knight Foundation hosted Asian American author, musician, activist, and self-proclaimed troublemaker, Simon Tam. He is best known as the bassist and founder of the Asian American dance-rock band, The Slants, whose landmark legal battle helped expand First Amendment rights in trademark law for minority … Read More