coronaHOPE: Justice, Equality, and an End to Oppression

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Our Artists

An Open Letter On Fighting For All Those Who Fought Before Me Hi everyone, The word ‘hope’ means many different things for many different people. In the age of the coronavirus, many hope for a vaccine, to simply see their friends, or be able to eat at their favorite restaurant. Although I hope for these things as well, I also … Read More

coronaHOPE: “History is all around us”

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Dr. Tom Hanchett’s new self-guided walking tours At a time when folks are buying masks from local entrepreneurs and beginning to venture back out into the world (while social distancing of course!), our friend Dr. Tom Hanchett decided to do what he knows best: Share history with the Charlotte community. Dr. Tom Hanchett, the historian-in-residence at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, is … Read More


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Drums 4 Life

Hands on Healing Through the Art of Drumming There is something about the shared experience of drumming that brings hope and therapy to many, and that is exactly what DRUMS4LIFE (D4L) is doing in our community. Through their lessons, programs and performances they aim to provide participants with empowering tools for healing through individual and group drumming. While social distancing … Read More

Book Club-May 2020

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American Slavery American Freedom

American Slavery, American Freedom by Edmund Morgan “The men who came together to found the independent United States,” writes Edmund S. Morgan, “either held slaves or were willing to join hands with those who did.” George Washington, hero of the Revolution, was the master of several hundred slaves. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, owned more than two … Read More

coronaHope: La Coalición

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Giving Home during covid

 Latin American Coalition’s Helpline is providing reassurance and guidance during this time of great uncertainty.  With the ongoing disruption of routines, jobs, and school, and the constant updates from local government officials, many families are struggling to adjust. In particular, the most vulnerable families in our community, such as the migrant population and those with limited English skills, are finding … Read More

A Piece of Home: Books and Written Legacy/History

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The Journal of Major George Washington

Levine Museums’ Advisory Board Chair and a long-time museum friend and supporter, Jill Dinwiddie, shares with us a book that has been part of her family for generations, as well as her reflections on it. Books, journals, letters, news articles tell part of our history to future generations. What are some books, or journals that you cherish and keep as … Read More

CARES Act Encourages Generosity

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text support

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Releases Restrictions on Giving The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) is a sweeping $2 trillion stimulus bill passed by Congress in response to COVID-19.  This Act provides immediate relief with grants and loan forgiveness programs, as well as encourages individuals of economic levels to participate in the American … Read More

coronaHOPE: The Cake Project

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The Cake Project

Everyone deserves a delicious tres leches cake from Manolo’s on their special day! After news of COVID-19’s impact on local businesses started to surface, many community members began to intentionally order from their favorite local restaurants or breweries to show their support. One of those experiencing the financial struggles is local business owner and community leader Manolo Betancour, of Manolo’s … Read More