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We're Hosting Online Conversations Around Recent Events | Chaos or Community?


Tweet Chat | Where do we go from here, chaos or community? Over the course of 25 years, we have been deeply committed to using history to build community and learned there is power in dialogue. Beginning this past Sunday, we used our Twitter account as a platform for online conversations around the tragic events in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas and beyond.

The online discussion (Tweet Chat) includes various voices, opinions, experiences and solutions. Below you will find just some of the viewpoints offered. You can read Sunday's and Monday's Tweet Chat on Storify.

Sunday, July 10, 2:30 - 3:30pm
How have you responded to the events of the past week in Baton Rouge, St. Paul and Dallas? #CometoUnderstand

@LevineMuseum Honestly......through tears. I'm about to birth a black son and have no idea how to protect him.

@LevineMuseum A1: Through silence. I decided to listen.This time felt different. As if people suddenly realized the real

Documented "local" actions and protests. Plugged "back" in to the responsibility of community

@LevineMuseum A1: engagement through dialogue. getting of FB, attending vigils, teach-ins, listening, learning, invitation #cometounderstand

I have yet to actually respond. I feel more compelled than ever explore solutions, but I'm not sure how to do that. Help! #CometoUnderstand

I think building love and understanding are the keys. But if we don't add accountability it will never start. #CometoUnderstand

What are we not talking about honestly when it comes to race, policing, gun violence and community building?

A2 We need to take another look at our laws. #CometoUnderstand

A2 If it's this easy to use deadly force with no consequences then we need new department policies and legislation #CometoUnderstand

The "origin" of race, policing and it's disproportionate effects on marginalized communities.

@LevineMuseum A2. POLICE REFORM ! PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ! opportunies for education. poverty. #cometounderstand

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”- MLK. What do the recent events mean for us in #CLT? #CometoUnderstand

We have three choices: reform, resist or revolution. @LevineMuseum #ComeToUnderstand

@LevineMuseum A3. DIVESTMENT ? CLT is a banking center. let's talk strategy. what can that look like ? #cometounderstand

A3. Recent events further emphasize that we need to urgently deal with our race issues. #cometounderstand

 What have your interactions with the police been like? #CometoUnderstand

My interactions with police have always been problematic. Always underlining tension. #CometoUnderstand

@LevineMuseum A1: fortunately, I havent to deal with the police about anything confrontational. I try to keep my distance. #cometounderstand

A1: Problematic and uncomfortable. I've been aggressively addressed for jaywalking & I don't have much trust.

A1: I’ve had no meaningful interactions with the police since I’ve been in Charlotte (8 years). #CometoUnderstand

Monday, July 11, 12 - 1pm

Have any of you had or had to give someone "the talk" about how to interact with the police?  #CometoUnderstand

A2: No, I haven’t had to give a talk about interacting with police officers with anyone. #CometoUnderstand

A2: It's normative when raised in a community of color. Be respectful, keep your hands visible. #CometoUnderstand

@LevineMuseum A2: My nephew is 22. Even though he's grown. I always remind him how to interact on his part. #cometounderstand

How can communities work to strengthen trust between the police and community residents? #CometoUnderstand

@LevineMuseum #CometoUnderstand A3 community policing, no broken windows policing, active community peace officer.

A3: I don’t know and I’m not sure where to start with this. #CometoUnderstand 

A3: Police education on engaging certain communities, independent oversight, fear training #CometoUnderstand

We encourage you to join in the conversation on and follow along using the hashtag #CometoUnderstand.

Join us today, tomorrow and Friday at 12pm for our Tweet Chat “Where do we go from here, chaos or community?”

What are some questions you would like for us to ask?

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in Rawalpindi Hall for sale in Rawalpindi Building for sale in Rawalpindi Office for sale in Rawalpindi Restaurant for sale in Rawalpindi Warehouse for sale in Rawalpindi Farm-House for sale in Rawalpindi Plot for Rent in Rawalpindi House for Rent in Rawalpindi Bangla for Rent in Rawalpindi Apartment for Rent in Rawalpindi Shop for Rent in Rawalpindi Hall for Rent in Rawalpindi Building for Rent in Rawalpindi Office for Rent in Rawalpindi Restaurant for Rent in Rawalpindi Warehouse for Rent in Rawalpindi Farm-House for Rent in Rawalpindi Plot for sale in Faisalabad House for sale in Faisalabad Bangla for sale in Faisalabad Apartment for sale in Faisalabad Shop for sale in Faisalabad Hall for sale in Faisalabad Building for sale in Faisalabad Office for sale in Faisalabad Restaurant for sale in Faisalabad Warehouse for sale in Faisalabad Farm-House for sale in Faisalabad Plot for Rent in Faisalabad House for Rent in Faisalabad Bangla for Rent in Faisalabad Apartment for Rent in Faisalabad Shop for Rent in Faisalabad Hall for Rent in Faisalabad Building for Rent in Faisalabad Office for Rent in Faisalabad Restaurant for Rent in Faisalabad Warehouse for Rent in Faisalabad Farm-House for Rent in Faisalabad Plot for sale in Peshawar House for sale in Peshawar Bangla for sale in Peshawar Apartment for sale in Peshawar Shop for sale in Peshawar Hall for sale in Peshawar Building for sale in Peshawar Office for sale in Peshawar Restaurant for sale in Peshawar Warehouse for sale in Peshawar Farm-House for sale in Peshawar Plot for Rent in Peshawar House for Rent in Peshawar Bangla for Rent in Peshawar Apartment for Rent in Peshawar Shop for Rent in Peshawar Hall for Rent in Peshawar Building for Rent in Peshawar Office for Rent in Peshawar Restaurant for Rent in Peshawar Warehouse for Rent in Peshawar Farm-House for Rent in Peshawar Plot for sale in Gujranwala House for sale in Gujranwala Bangla for sale in Gujranwala Apartment for sale in Gujranwala Shop for sale in Gujranwala Hall for sale in Gujranwala Building for sale in Gujranwala Office for sale in Gujranwala Restaurant for sale in Gujranwala Warehouse for sale in Gujranwala Farm-House for sale in Gujranwala Plot for Rent in Gujranwala House for Rent in Gujranwala Bangla for Rent in Gujranwala Apartment for Rent in Gujranwala Shop for Rent in Gujranwala Hall for Rent in Gujranwala Building for Rent in Gujranwala Office for Rent in Gujranwala Restaurant for Rent in Gujranwala Warehouse for Rent in Gujranwala Farm-House for Rent in Gujranwala Plot for sale in Multan House for sale in Multan Bangla for sale in Multan Apartment for sale in Multan Shop for sale in Multan Hall for sale in Multan Building for sale in Multan Office for sale in Multan Restaurant for sale in Multan Warehouse for sale in Multan Farm-House for sale in Multan Plot for Rent in Multan House for Rent in Multan Bangla for Rent in Multan Apartment for Rent in Multan Shop for Rent in Multan Hall for Rent in Multan Building for Rent in Multan Office for Rent in Multan Restaurant for Rent in Multan Warehouse for Rent in Multan Farm-House for Rent in Multan"

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"Plot for sale in Karachi"

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