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Meet Museum Members: Kevin Deery and Mary Strubble Deery


From Southerners whose families have lived in Charlotte for generations, to folks who have just moved to Charlotte, Levine Museum has members that are vibrant, diverse, multi-generational, and advocates for our community. Each month, we will feature some of our biggest supporters.

Kevin and Mary, how would you finish the sentence: I am a member because…

We love learning the history of our adopted city of eighteen years. And, as with most things, people carbonate the experience. We admire the dedication of the folks behind the scene at Levine Museum of the New South and appreciate the opportunity to meet other Charlotteans through museum programs.

What are some of your favorite programs and events at Levine Museum and why?

Being new southerners the New South for the New Southerner programs are custom designed for us. The chance to get up-close and personal with people who have been important to Charlotte has been wonderful. These folks include Mary Tribble, who worked with the DNC to make sure the Convention in Charlotte went smoothly, Humpy Wheeler of Nascar fame, a pioneering Nascar driver, Tom Pistone, political cartoonist Kevin Siers, photographer extraordinaire Daniel Coston, and so many more. It’s been fun getting the lowdown on the beer and soda pop scenes. We loved the walking tour of neighborhoods, and driving tours of holiday lights, and ethnic cuisine throughout the city.

What's your favorite Levine Museum memory?

At a Tom Hanchett program, a question from the audience sent me (Mary) on a journey that has been fascinating. The query was about a train that still sits in the Catawba after an enormous flood pushed it off a railroad trestle in Belmont one hundred years ago. Twenty-four men died that night in an effort to save the bridge. Boaters still sometimes hit the submerged train today. Although I’m a writer, not a musician, I thought that could be a song. Fast forward two years later and that tune, “The Belmont Ford,” co-written by me and David Childers will be on his latest CD, due out May 5, 2017.

We love your photo. Can you tell us about it?

Joel Kweskin sketched the caricature of us while we were at a Levine Museum event with Kevin Siers. Joel masterfully captured our essence in mere minutes.

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