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Charlotte Woman of the Year | Molly Barker, 2004


What made you start Girls on the Run? 

I started Girls on the Run to provide girls a safe place to define “girl” on their terms.  The program was born from my own challenges growing up and trying to, at times, conform to a set of standards and stereotypes that didn’t serve me.  Since founding that in 1996 the program has grown to 225 cities across North American and served nearly 1,250,000 girls. 

Molly Barker | Charlotte Woman of the Year 2004What other causes are you passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about bringing a variety of voices to leadership…particularly political leadership.  I am deeply disturbed by the language, approach and divisiveness so characteristic of our current political climate.  I started a new program called The Red Boot Coalition which addresses the polarization.

How do you bridge career with advocacy?

These are one in the same to me.  I’ve been fortunate to make advocacy my career.  I founded Girls on the Run in 1996 when I was 35 years old.  I’ve since made advocating and supporting programming that “changes things”…my living and career.

What are ways we can empower young women each day?

Listen to them.  Listening is the most powerful way to honor the dignity of another person.  Make time to listen.  I would say that this is the most important element in leadership as well.

What does it mean to you to be the recipient of the 2004 Charlotte Woman of the Year award?

The connections I’ve made with the empowered women in that circle…have been immensely rewarding.  It’s funny.  At first I was completely intimidated by them.  I remember the first meeting looking around the room and saying to myself, “Why am I here?”  I’ve since come to be close friends with many of these amazing women! 

About Molly Barker
Molly Barker is the founder of Girls on the Run International, the program that uses running to empower girls. A four-time Hawaii Ironman triathlete, Molly used her background in social work, counseling and teaching to develop the program. Since Barker founded it in 1996, it has served a million girls and earned her numerous accolades, including the Daily Point of Light Award, given by President Obama and Former President Bush in a ceremony at the White House. 

After retiring from the organization in 2013, she was asked to join the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Political Reform, a Washington group seeking ways to bridge the political divide in Congress. By the time its 29 members of the commission made recommendations, however, Barker had decided the real problem was bigger than Congress. It was all of us.

That was when she began formulating an idea for The Red Boot Coalition, a new organization whose name was inspired by the gift of a pair of red boots from her daughter Helen.

In August 2014, Molly put those conversation-starting red boots to task and set out to get to the root of what was causing these polarizing conversations. From Charlotte to Las Vegas she listened to hundreds share their fears, concerns and hopes. 

“Ultimately, leadership comes down to one very simple question,” she wrote in the telling of her cross-country journey. “Am I willing to make the effort to see, to listen, to look for the humanness that rests within each person I encounter?”


This year's Charlotte Women of the Year are Jill Dinwiddie and Susan Patterson. A Woman's Place explores the evolving role of women in the New South and honors women's civic leadership and service in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. This year's program "Civic Activism Now" features a panel discussion moderated by Vi Lyles, 2003 Woman of the Year and Charlotte City Council Member. Panelists Janet Cowell, North Carolina State Treasurer, Janeen Bryant, Regional Director, Leadership for Educational Equity and amalia deloney, Senior Program Officer, Media Democracy Fund; will examine the evolution of civic activism including new tactics, technologies and current movements that are making an impact on our society today. 

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'Traditionally, all-fiber financing in the UK is difficult, because the industry is relatively young and lacks certainty in future demand, which makes it difficult to make a return on investment, which also prevents other suppliers from entering,' the Treasury Department said. The market, which leads to a very limited choice of Authentic Nike Football Boots consumers, has in turn limited their ability to benefit from the latest technology. 'Industry watchers believe that the fund is important and just needs to meet realistic conditions. 'As a consumer, spending broadband is cheap for us because we share Canada Goose Ladies it at some point in the network"

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Yes ah, the mother father in the field to work hard Air Jordan 6 for a lifetime, is this land raised me, gave me the hope of reading, that hometown of soil, has long been precipitated in my heart. Winter, as Du Fu's 'quatrains': two oriole Ming Cuixiang, a line of white on the blue sky. In winter, the mother of the mother, who had long been in the land, had planted rape. They often go to the ground, see the seedlings grow out no. Sometimes break the soil by hand to see if the seeds are intact, bad on the re-fill on. Sometimes the mother father to see the seedlings, forget to go home to eat, in the field to stay for a whole day! One day to eat dinner, I said to them, do not grow to live in the city later. They heard for a long time did not speak, the house was quiet only to eat the voice. Mother and son eat only a few mouthfuls of rice did not eat, that night they sleep earlier than usual In the middle of the night I heard the sound of them up, and then they saw them open the Air Max TN Glowing Mens door to the field. I saw the faint light from the window, and I wanted to stop them, but I did not. The next day, when I did not happen, smiled and said to the mother and father, after we live on this piece of land, not to live in the city, live in us, nurture us, give us hope, and even finally buried us On the land. At that moment, I saw my mother's Cheap Nike Shoes Sale father's face showing a long absence smile, so brilliant. I know that the heart of a piece of land, always have loose soil, hope the germination of the sound.Mother is the greatest benefactor of our life Mother is the biggest benefactor of our Red. Mother gave us life, no mother hard and even dangerous birth, the world is basically and we do not have much relationship. Mothers generally like to say nothing less than: do not wear their own do not eat themselves, do not eat their own hungry, do not work too hard not tired of their own. There is nothing more than one thing to add to the children who are outside the battles: to be careful, to be safe, to be harmless, to be able to prevent people, and to be able Air Jordan 13 Retro to do so. Do not worry too much about my aging mother. I remember an elderly told me that his mother more than 80. He was very upset at home because of weight reasons. So one day, at the table clearly give yourself a rule, said that every night to eat a bowl of rice. As a result, his mother insisted on giving him dinner every night, his mother only gave him a bowl, a bowl was pressed to no longer compaction of rice. More than 80 mothers, take care of the more than 60 sons, or Authentic Nike Shoes so hard, so stubborn to let his son eat a little more. Mother is very bitter for us bit by bit. Like to eat what, when the birthday, when we gave birth to a child. Mother, love for us, have no selfishness? Seems to have, she also hope that we love her, respect her. This is human nature. But the mother is very clear that the children of their love, can not exceed the children of the companion's love, can not go beyond the children of their own children's love. Mother, nothing extravagant. She is just luxury to our happiness, but also hope that we are in the spare time, to have the heat to warm her heart. In fact, we really can settle down to accompany the mother's time very little. Our life, or in learning, or in hard work, or to enhance friendship, or to accompany the child, except, accompanied by the mother's time, very few. Yes, the water is always flowing down. Mother also said, so think, so comfort themselves. But, in fact, we can be so good for the mother a little bit: you can at least a week to make a phone call. 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'Light' and 'color', 'light' and 'colorful' and 'colorful', 'light' and 'color', 'light' and 'color' , 'External' and 'internal', 'appearance' and 'essence', 'special' and 'general' ... ... many angles. Each angle also contains the 'butterfly wings' this specific thing, similar to Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes the relative relative things, can be analogy, comparable macro things can be symbolic, can be extended abstract ... separate look, the angle of rich and colorful; Look, the answer is rich and colorful. The title of the report on the life of the reflection as shown on the right: the title asked 'Do not leave the material content and meaning of the scope of' 'optional angle', then the first and second paragraph of the material is also in the 'content range' within. The first paragraph of the material. 'Rich primary and secondary school students after school life,' 'Let the students appreciate the charm of science and technology,' 'had a cuttingedge technology addiction,' which is interrelated and independent of the three purposes. 'Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute launched a public open day series of popular science activities,' China's top scientific research institutions to focus attention to the public and primary and secondary school students, and Jordan Melo M10 is the real launch of 'open' 'series' 'popular science' activities. By the 'researchers' and 'specially' design 'interesting' experiment. Let the students 'handson' 'scanning electron microscope' to 'observe the butterfly's wings.' 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"s, starting a small company in Shanghai to sell, but a thousand dollars in January. Now is more than 20 years old girl. At the beginning of the year to know a man, Lanzhou personnel, home parents workers, thirty years ago the unit assigned a small set Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes of housing. Its boyfriend reserved in Shanghai. Upright five, house prices rose. Its rural hukou, the village of Tin House to give others, his boyfriend did not account for the city, no money to buy a house, it is back no retreat, into the labor will be a lifetime. Read someone else yesterday, 'the house of things, that are more tears.' There is a sense of injury.A letter written to three years later A letter written to three years later  In this fast-paced, everything is changing in the era, I do not know where they will be five years later, three years may be just, not long nor short, so decided to write their own letters after three years later. In this letter, I wrote my own wishes, list their most want to Men Air Max Motton 2014 do and must go to complete a few things: with their parents to travel once, with their travel abroad once, write a book, with 10 million Deposits and so on. It is also written that it is not really concrete event but is very important to self-growth: 'Dear, you are 28 years old after three years, and I hope that you will still keep the morning run and keep this positive and healthy way of life, maybe Nike Air Max Womens Shoes you will have to attend a 10-kilometer Authentic Women's Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes Nike Shoes run The game is not necessarily! I hope that then you have more like-minded friends, we can watch movies, watching drama, watching the exhibition, chatting business dream, a friend's life is not alone. I hope that then you put more time to their hobbies, spend more time reading, writing. I also hope that you are more free to do what you like to do, to their favorite places to go, love to love their own people. I hope that then you know how to dress up more than now, but also know what things for their own, what is not suitable for their own, know how to choose and give up every day to give yourself a makeup, out of the mirror before the smile, you are pretty! After going out to be more head to walk in the street, confident and beautiful. I hope that three years after you can grow, began to have a stable heart, not afraid of life, no hurry and panic, not easy to suffer, Cheap Womens Shoes For Sale live more calm, more calm, more confident, began to become afraid of life Any changes in the work, emotion, friends can be seen as a kind of the most natural and most normal state, and can fully accept those changes, because deeply understand that 'change is the world's only constant.' I hope that after three years you can have a loved one, and he loves you too. 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So many years, the memory of childhood is still the same as yesterday, perhaps today's day is really boring, unknowingly heart plump nostalgia, hometown of smoke, but also read the time and space Tengqi, around the dream, as if only Childhood memories. Hometown of the morning, the air was fog damp, Tian Longli green green, wheat waves ups and downs, so obsessed sleepy eyes suddenly. Bamboo upright, lush, a stick on the leaves of thousands of branches, tick the rain beads, like the eyes of the infiltration of tears, crystal clear. Birds noisy, forest glimpse, thump jump, bamboo is heaven. I am barefoot, walking in the small river, mist misty, small path deep, winding twists and turns. Rose rose competing bloom, red and white, it is t"

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