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Ask an Activist: Ashley Williams


We continue our profile of youth activists in the Charlotte area who have turned their passion into action. These young people are making an impact across various spectrums of activism. 

Meet Ashley Williams

When were you first exposed to activism?

When I started grade school, my mother placed my sister and I in cultural enrichment programs for Black people at our church. I was only given respectable Black people to look to as activists and mentors. It wasn't until I got older that I was able to form my own opinions about what constitutes activism. Now, I have less repeatable ideas about what constitutes activism and who deserves praise for fighting injustices. 

Activist Ashley WilliamsIn what ways does police violence activism intersect with other causes?

Police violence stifles the community's ability to police itself. Police violence create tensions and fractures in our community that are often hard to recover from. I imagine a world and a community where we spend more time thinking about restorative justice and community policing (which has nothing to do with the police), instead of trying to heal ourselves from the traumas caused by people outside of our communities. 

What is Black-Palestinian Solidarity?

Black- Palestinian solidarity is the solidarity that exists between two groups who've been harmed by white supremacy, settler colonialism, and ethnic cleansing. Structural and systemic oppression has global consequences. Since I've been organizing for the movement for black lives here in Charlotte, the community of Palestinians has opened their hearts and their arms to me and I'm grateful that we can come together to fight common oppressors. 

What are the misconceptions people have about the Black Lives Matter movement?

People have so many misconceptions about the movement for black lives! Many are confused about the structure of the movement and they are not sure how it can sustainable. I think this has something to do with failures or mistakes of movements that came before this one. People also think that the movement is anti white. This has something to do with the ways in which this movement deliberately, and purposefully prioritizes queer, trans, femme, and ultimately black bodies. This movement understands the importance of making sure people know that blackness is multiplicitous.

People's inability to pin point these facets of the movement make it hard for them to understand it.  

As a millennial, what are some ways other generations can learn the activism now taking place?

Other generations need to listen to us and get out of our way! It's our turn to fight for freedom. We have learned from the mistakes of our elders. We have taken so much away from the successes of our elders. Now, it's time for us to lead the way. We need the support of other generations, and we need them to give us space.

What have you learned about yourself through your activism experiences?

I've learned to trust my community. I've learned to lean on them and allow them to support me. I've learned how to support others more effectively. I've also learned more about love because of the movement.  The person who founded black lives matter Toronto told me that the way we experience love and the way we love others is how we give to the movement. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. 

How has social media played a role in your activism?

Social media has enhanced the way that I'm able to connect with organizers everywhere. Social media also opens me up to criticism about my ideas which can be both harmful and helpful. Social media has also made it easier for the police to keep up with what I'm doing. I'm getting more creative about communication.

About Ashley Williams
Ashley S. Williams is a queer black organizer and artist working in Charlotte, NC. They attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to study dance and philosophy in 2011. Ashley is currently a Master’s Candidate  in a program for Ethics and Applied Philosophy at UNCC. They have been an active participant around Black Lives Matter, Black-Palestinian Solidarity, and ending police violence in Charlotte. Ashley works to decentralize whiteness and build community in non-colonial ways. Ashley’s interests include intersectionality, women’s gender and sexuality studies, and black liberation. 

User Comments

03.06.2016 Karissa

"I just really love your bravery, Ashley. It looks beautiful on you."

02.29.2016 Jay

"Great work, Ms. Williams! Thank you for calling attention to Secretary Clinton's past statements and holdings candidates accountable to today's standard of social justice!"

02.28.2016 Doris Sullivan

"Who paid the $1000 for the tickets? Sorry, but I think there's a bit of dirty tricks involved in this little bratty, rude show!"

02.27.2016 Carrie

"Hey, your protest really worked, Ashley! Clinton won 84 percent of the black vote in her resounding victory tonight in SC! Larger percentage of black vote than Obama got in 2008. Yeah, those 96 percent of older black voters who voted for Hillary don't remember her ever doing anything for them. You are such a loser, Ashley!!"

02.27.2016 Dan

"Because of the actions of people like Ashley Williams, the Democrats will lose the White House. FOX News loves the histrionics of women like Ashley Williams. We'll see how she likes saying "Heil, Trump" in a few months."

02.27.2016 Darnell Rose

"I really don't mind the young lady confronting Hillary to get a better understanding on what she meant in her early 90's comments that have Ashley seeking an apology. BUT Bernie Sanders hands are not clean from this issue. To my understanding he signed the bill President Clinton put forth towards the Congress to sign. Ashley need to be seen on tv. Interrupting Bernie's rallies! Or when she's on these tv networks interviewing she need to add Bernies name to her vocabulary. Not just Hillary's."

02.27.2016 Tim

"Also Steve ya stupid bastard if you knew anything about anything you'd know Bernie is the only guy who can stop Trump. There are a lot of zealots in the Bernie faction who will vote for Trump out of pure spite. And I know this, because I've seen people say just that. Hillary will lose, period."

02.27.2016 Timothy

"I saw you confront Hillary on the evils or her past....I know it effects you more then some of her other evils, but still, that was very brave of you. I just wanted to say.....Thank you. We need more courage like your in the world. People like you will free us from our past of sin. I'll say it again, thank you friend."

02.27.2016 Steve

"Protestors like her are all about themselves and their "celebrity." They don't see the big picture of continued GOP systemic and coordinated stripping and suppression of voting rights that will have all minorities in an unimaginable place under President Trump and the GOP Senate & House. She's too blinded by the headlines she produces to know that Hillary is probably the only legit progressive candidate standing between her and the election of something truly horrific."

02.27.2016 Frank Abraham

"Balls, check. Enthusiasm, check. Idealism, check. All wasted on bringing the youth left of left. How about a little new merocratic work ethic, in combination with ending systemic racism and other prejudice. Just so you know what you sound like Ms. Williams- "give me everything the whites and Jews took from my people". Key word-give. I.e. Reparation? Governement person quotas on sex race and orientation? Take your activism to its logical end and stop. Or either stop playing this polarizing tug of war game, being radical to gain an inch. Consider this feedback. Your welcome."

02.27.2016 Phyllis

"I hope you realized that you are helping the Republicans and maybe that is your intent. In my opinion if you do not care if the next president is a DonaldTrump..and will set this country back 50 years...then you have made a difference! Be careful what you ask for and more importantly when you ask for it!"

02.27.2016 Shon

"So is Trump us next. Are you tough enough for that. Moron. You are not helping your cause. Get a grip!!! You are intelligent but make no sense. There is mass incarceration because they commit crimes!!!"

02.26.2016 Bob

"Ironic on how her diatribe is hosted on the LEVINE museum of the new south web page when she supports Black-Palestinian Solidarity....... hummmmm"

02.26.2016 TJ

"@ Caroline - it is naive to think Hillary Clinton would have given Ashley an honest answer. Because there was no good answer to give. Below was her statement she was being called out for: "They are often the kinds of kids that are called 'super-predators,' "No conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel." - Hillary Clinton, 1996 To think Hillary could give an honest answer why she made the above statement is so naive. Below is an excerpt from an interview she gave to CBS last week: PELLEY: You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth? CLINTON: I've always tried to. Always. Always. PELLEY: Some people are gonna call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. CLINTON: Well, no, I've always tried -- PELLEY: I mean, Jimmy Carter said, "I will never lie to you." CLINTON: Well, but, you know, you're asking me to say, "Have I ever?" I don't believe I ever have. I don't believe I ever have. I don't believe I ever will. I'm gonna do the best I can to level with the American people. CBS Interview, Scott Pelley, Feb 18, 2016 ....If I'm on a date and asked point blank if I ever screwed around on a significant other - and my reply was "I don't believe I ever have" - and they responded by asking would I screw around on them - and my reply was "I don't believe I ever will" - I'm pretty sure a red warning flag will go off - because my answer is so open ended. I'm basically saying you've been warned and if you don't walk away shame on you. An honest candidate when asked by Pelley that question would have said "I have not lied to the American people, nor will I lie to the American people." She is such a terrible liar - she can't even lie about lying when being called out on if she can tell the truth. There are two types of Hillary supporters. (1) People who are unaware of her past and the cloud of lies, hypocrisy, corruption and scandals that constantly follow her - (which is hard to believe in the internet age she has supporters that don't know about her past.) (2) People who are fully aware of her past and are willfully dismissive of it. People who know and don't care about her lack of character and intend to vote for her anyway. Entrusting Hillary Clinton to the Presidency and the immense power it wields - is the equivalent of handing the keys to Heaven to Satan."

02.26.2016 DAVID IS WRONG

"People like Clinton represent the way people like David have allowed our country to move further and further to the right election after election. Right now Hillary Rodham Clinton is stealing Bernie's platform - desperately trying to appeal to left. If she becomes the nominee of the DNC, she will be scrambling to adopt Trump's platform to sound more "moderate." It's not that she doesn't know who she is, it's that she will be what ever she needs to be and say whatever she needs to say to get what she and her big money interest supporters want. Just Google "Hillary sniper fire.""


"If you haven't already read the book "Malcolm X Speaks to Young People," you must. He would be very proud of you and other BLM activists. We all must break down the barriers of "business-as-usual" to let free the ugly truthes of the matter, which are always hidden behind politeness and shackled by the expectations of etiquette - fearful human traits exploited by tyrants."

02.26.2016 David

"You're heckling the wrong candidate. Hillary Clinton has stood up for and fought battles for minorities for years. She has a record of achievement. Keep it up. People like you who drag other progressives down are the reason we're going to end up with a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for president. Have you ever thought about protesting them?!? We'll see how proud you are of disrespecting Hillary once you're living in a country led by Trump or Cruz and a GOP House and Senate. Good luck with that."

02.26.2016 Melanie

"Ashley, i wish I could edit my comment for typos and mis-structured sentences, but I hope you get my general meaning. I'll fix it and resubmit correctly when I have some time later today."

02.26.2016 Melanie

"The most necessary change is never easy. It always takes the courageous few to challenge the status quo, because the vicious fight-back from those who are either too afraid or confused to act against systemic oppression, or those who are defending their places, power, I'll-gotten wealth, and lies, are those who make history. You and other revolutionaries put your lives on the line every day in spite of the ignorant jeers and unfortunate "embarrassment" expressed by those who will most benefit most from your sacrifice. Others will seethe and spit the very hatred and racist vomit that we know they harbor, but that they get to pretend doesn't really exist until they are challenged. That's the power of the young. Older generations become too fearful and comfortable in the space they've carved out or compromised for all their lives. We can't challenge the status quo like you can. But you already know this. I'm inspired by young revolutionaries, and you, Ashley, have contributed to history in the very same ways that Rosa Parks did, and Malcolm X did, and MLK did. Don't ever believe they weren't also called names by the masses defending the racist establishment. And don't believe for one second that many blinded elders weren't also admonishing them earlier on, before it became more accepted and even seen as admirable to take space wherever they could get it and to fight back against centuries of oppression and brutality."

02.26.2016 Caroline

"And just for everyone's information: ALL LIVES MATTER. The African-American race surely isn't the only race that has undergone suffrage. ALL. LIVES. MATTER."

02.26.2016 Caroline

"I agree with DJ's statement. Your intentions were understandable (and a bit unnecessary), but the shouting and constant interrupting wasn't needed. She was trying to respond to your questions and statements, but you wouldn't let a word in edge wise. You went there for to get respect, but you gave nothing but disrespect. She wasn't calling all black people "super-predators." If you were a "super-predator," you would not have been allowed into the event in the first place. She was evidently referring to the mass population of black people that were horrible criminals that had a negative effect on communities. A revisit of her 1996 speech speech needs to be made. You're taking this as if she was regarding ALL black people as super-predators or animals that "need to heel." Now, if this situation were with a white female holding a banner with a quote from a black candidate, she would've been called a racist! People need to stop taking everything so seriously - our country is becoming over sensitive."

02.26.2016 DJ

"Ashley, your attempts to seek an answer from HC was noble...but your shouting and inability to pause to give her the room to respond took away from what you were trying to do. I kept saying to myself, I want to hear HC's response...but you just wouldn't stop speaking. I hope you learn in time that shouting your way through an issue is not the solution."

02.26.2016 eve

"You asked Hillary Clinton We hope you apologize for mass incarceration. My question to you is are you going to ask Bernie Sanders the same question since he voted for the same bills I hope you do because that way I know you are serious about getting answer from them both and not working for Mr West as I have heard. Please do not be a hypocrite."

02.26.2016 India Baird

"Ashley - Rock Girl (, an NGO in South Africa that trains young women to be journalists and activists, salutes you! Thank you for your bravery, your vision, and your confidence. In 1996, I attended a women's event in NYC where Hillary spoke. In her speech she called some youth "natural born predators". As a young lawyer who had spent the previous five years working with young people arrested and imprisoned in South Africa, Colombia, Jamaica, and the United States, I was shocked, disappointed and angry. I did question her on her views. She replied that she did believe that some youth are predators. I wrote an op-ed that was published in the NYTimes that year challenging this view with facts. I have remained angry at Hillary since that day and continued to work with youth in underserved communities around the world to ensure that their rights are protected. Rock Girl salutes you - we would love for one of our youth reporters to interview you by Skype or phone if that is possible. You can send a message to us at or on our Facebook page or website. India Baird, former board member of Children's Rights Division, Human Rights Watch, Vera Institute of Justice, founder of East Harlem Youth and Family Justice Centre (closed due to lack of funding during Mayor Giuliani's era of super-predator funding), and current founder of Rock Girl in Cape Town, South Africa."

02.26.2016 David Moskowitz MD FACP

"Ashley, great work! You might be interested to know that Bill and Hillary, through their appointee Kenneth Kizer, suppressed my work at the St Louis VA showing that 90% of dialysis can be prevented. This all occurred in 1996-8, when the Clintons spread managed care, their idea of what would save healthcare costs. I'm sure Hillary will say she wasn't even aware of it, even though I wrote to her. I know Kenneth Kizer was aware of it, since he threatened to cancel his appearance at a NAVAPD conference if I was allowed to speak. As a result, my career came to an abrupt end. More importantly, 1 million Americans, half of them people of color, have gone on the kidney machine unnecessarily since then and died. Half a million minority deaths, and nobody says a word about it. If bullets had killed them, rather than dialysis tubing, it would be a different story."

02.26.2016 John

"Thank you Ashley for your courage. You're strength is greater than rooms full of politicians and journalists combined."

02.26.2016 John

"Thank you Ashley for your courage. You're strength is greater than rooms full of politicians and journalists combined."

02.26.2016 TJ

"Watched the video. Glad you called Hillary Clinton out for her comments. What struck me was how defensive and hateful she was to you. When she said no one has ever asked me about it before. The way she said it was very condescending and rude. She showed her true colors. Its obvious Hillary doesn't care about blacks. She only cares about the black vote. Surprise encounters like that is the only way to expose her hypocrisy. Her media isn't going to call her out. Good job."

02.26.2016 TERENCE T.

"Hillary finally exposed: Keep up the good fight Ashley!"

02.26.2016 Abe Lincoln

"Ashley Williams WOrk for Cornel West And Bernie Sanders - She is trying to be a Judas Goat for MONEY!! Bernie Hiring Blacks to speak to blacks because he won't or can't wass called SLAVERY or Working for Mr Tom in the 1850's... And the LIES Ben Jealous Told ABOUT this are PATHETIC! HRC NEVER Called Black People "SuperPredators"... LIES Don't Help your Campaign! Who gave you the $1000 to get you and your Videographer Into the Event??? Gee and I LOVE How SANDERS Hasn't and NEVER WILL Run a Negative Campaign - He just Hires People To Do IT! Like Killer Mike - Uterus' doesn't qualify you for being President - But I guess being a DICK does!!! And this team wants to control the White House? VERY SAD!! I'm disappointed for the Legacy of MLKjr, John Lewis, Jim Clybourne, Elijah Cummings - Real Activists And Hero's! Your Actions aren't Noble but Cheap Hip-Hop Stunts!!! SAD"

02.26.2016 Courtney

"Ashley is not an activist. She is part of the vain, self-righteous, entitled "me" generation that thinks it's cool to be part of a "movement" without understanding the pain they cause through ignorance and a desire to be NOTICED! Because they think everything they believe, even the gross misinformation, trumps all else. I'll tell you what: Hillary was going undercover for civil rights leaders to root out racism in Alabama schools before you were even a twinkle in your mother's eye, Ms. Williams -- which is way more productive for the "movement" than patting yourself on the back for holding up idiotic signs and basking in the social media glory. Just too, too sad. What an embarrassment to the #BlackLivesMatter movement."

02.25.2016 Sai

" "Facts are stubborn things, though, and they’re not on Ashley Williams’ side here, at least not entirely. Her first demand, that Hillary apologize for mass incarceration that many blame on the 1994 crime bill that then-President Bill Clinton signed into law, is somewhat moot because the Clintons have already done that, and because apologizing for it won’t fix it. Hillary never voted for that bill, although as First Lady, she did stump for it. Part of that effort was to give a speech in 1996 (not 1994) in which she did, indeed, use the term “Superpredators,” but context is important here. This was one line in a speech about a broader agenda, in which the issue of crime was at the end of a long list, and in which she advocated community policing in literally the same breath." "Unfortunately, Hillary has been the subject of a smear campaign on this issue by Bernie Sanders surrogate Ben Jealous, who uses this single example to say that Hillary was “pushing the Superpredator theory.” Speaking of context, though, even Jealous concedes that “everyone,” including black leaders and communities, “lost their mind” over “urban violence” in the 1990s, which led to things like the crime bill.""

02.25.2016 Frankie

"You rant about the older generation needing to get out of the way, but you work for Cornel West? There is a time and place for everything, there were plenty of functions during the week where you could have made your ill informed case. Being ill mannered and lacking social skills will not aid your cause. Your lack of respect is a disgrace. "Come to heel" is an idiom. Idioms were probably addressed in your 5th grade English/Language Arts class. You need to research and get the facts, before you let somebody use you to achieve their goals, when they can't use you anymore you will be tossed aside. Signed a black woman who has every right not to "step aside" and is appalled and disgusted by your behavior."

02.25.2016 Sai

" "This context is important not only because it demonstrates that the criminal justice policies Clinton supported weren't that significant to mass incarceration, but also because it helps show (as I'll get to later) that the Clinton White House and federal government were following a much broader tough-on-crime movement at a time when crime was historically high. It's now easy to look back on that movement with scorn; I think mass incarceration is morally abhorrent, and the country should reverse it. But we're never going to be able to solve the problem if we don't look past the presidency." Context is important."

02.25.2016 Jay

"Thank you Ms. Williams for exposing hypocrites. Mrs. Clinton is incapable of coming clean - on anything - from emails to superpredators, to sniper fire, to speaking fees, and on and on and on..."

02.25.2016 Bill

"She is irrelevant. That means no one cares about what you have to say."

02.25.2016 Jihad muhumed

"Muslims lives matter too in America."

02.25.2016 109

"Williams behavior today was immature and ineffective. It is intellectually dishonest for her to demand Clinton apologize for wholly calling black people super predators, because Clinton did not do that. Williams and others might want to think about why they immediately heard Clinton's remarks about violent repeat criminal youth as pertaining only to black people. Why is that the picture in YOUR black mind. It wasn't the one in mine. But no matter, this is all feel good activism, that is accomplishing nothing for black people. Its only giving Democratic speech writers new talking points to add to the stump. "Ooh look, they said institutional racism!" "Intersectionality"! Hooray. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and company are focusing on stirring up the angry voters who would support restoring internment camps. Mass incarceration under the Bill Clinton? We haven't seen anything yet. BLM needs to focus."

02.25.2016 Oregonian

"What an obnoxious idiot. She behaved like a child. People like this do more to damage to their cause by behaving childishly. It makes their cause seem like a cause for and by idiots."

02.25.2016 jojo pelley

"throw their asses in jail. they have no reason to interrupt a private session.if it were a white group the police would have arrested them! for what? for trespassing...activist? it sure as hell beats working."

02.25.2016 Tara True

"The link I just posted can be viewed by adding it to your address line in FB. It is a very cozy picture of Ashley Williams and Cornel West. Dirty tricks?"

02.25.2016 James

"What a joke her life appears to be"

02.25.2016 Tara True


02.25.2016 Elias

"Ashley Williams is bringing the vision, bravery, and political sharpness that ALL OF US should strive to bring. Thanks for being a bad ass Ashley."

02.25.2016 Patricia

"Is it true you work for Cornel West?"

02.25.2016 Debbie T. Guseman

"For the life if me, cannot understand why anyone would pay to see a woman that charges up to 250, speak at events, and they hv more money than they say. It cost alot for time on tv, etc. But she has it and to believe a word that comes out of her mouth, is unbelievable too me..She's lied about the Emails, she' could care less bout the four men that died , and she should be held accountable for her actions..Prison time for her and Obama...I'M NOT CRAZY ABOUT ANY OF THE ELECTS, BUT I DO KNOW FOUR MORE YEARS OF CLINTON, SAYING SHE WILL CONTINUE, WHAT OBAMA STARTED, WITH SPIN OUR COUNTRY OUT OF CONTROL, AND AS HE HAS BEEN ORDER ING BODY BAGS SINCE HE GOT IN OFFICE, WE CAN ALL BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW/BROWN,ORANGE, WHATEVER, WE CAN KISS OUR BUTT GOODBYE!!!!! READ YOU BIBLE, IT'S ALL IN THERE, PLAY ING OUT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES ......."

02.25.2016 DJ

"Ashley, you really made a scene even when you had a opportunity to express your feelings one on one with Hillary Clinton. You were really rude and disrespectful. The message that you were trying to get across to the public was overshadowed by your behavior. You and the organization "Black Lives Matter" should be embarrassed. Also, if others dared you to do this then you should do your own research on the facts. Everyone please watch the video. It is on youtube. HC did not call you or an other anyone else super predators. HC said that others are referring Black kids as super predators. And do you even know what "bring to heel" means? She was trying to express that if there are kids, (black, white, hispanic or whatever), that are being unruly that we as a country should assist in forcing them to act in a disciplined manner/fashion. I have raised 5 kids and yes when kids are growing up, they need to be brought to heel. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what HC said. This country better be careful bc we might get Trump in the WH and then what? She is the best thing that is going on right now for minorities. Oh and thanks for the $500 contribution to HRC."

02.25.2016 the questioner

"If I can replace 'black' with 'white' and a phrase is racist, then it was racist to begin with. Ashley is a black supremacist."

02.25.2016 Koah

"All lives matter, not just black. Why does EVERYTHING always has to be black and white, thats why there is always racial talk. Leave black and white out of it."

02.25.2016 Arts Matter

"instead of yelling and interrupting and repeating yourself, you will go much farther if BLM is not screaming and making demands. no one is going to listen to that. You arent gonna go do that with Trump are you? good luck if you do. I really hope you dont get hurt. Communication is about speaking and listening, not yelling and attacking . there is a difference between HEEL and HEAL. If "you" dont want to be HEELED then how about bringing up ways to get everyone to HEAL? Hillary would have listened to you and responded but you were being out of control. She did not scream back at you. I assume you were there supporting Senator Sanders and I see you are for Palestinians. I do wonder if you have seen this video and ask yourself how you would react if SHE told you to shut up like he did to people in his own community."

02.25.2016 mich415

"She owes you an apology for having you removed from her event. She handled herself poorly and should have spoken to you right there."

02.25.2016 george

"the African American community needs to hold its own accountable. you don't. play race and victim card all the time. you will make real progress when you start to hold your own accountable. being a homosexual, ie a lesbian is a lie to begin with. if you can't be true to how God made you , you can't be real to anyone. you choose to be a homosexual. acting like a man. look up marshall kirk Erasmus pill, for true homosexual agenda. they are founders of the movement. both homosexuals, both admit your nt born that way.your living a only seems black lives matter when a black kid is killed by a white cop. then u come out like cockroaches screaming. but in your drug and gang infested communities like los angeles where I live , you kill your own and innocents every day and nt one word from u black lives matter idiots. hypocrites."

02.25.2016 bootstrap johnson

"what drivel. born a women, acting like a man nt true to herself. a lesbian. martin luther said it in a 1961 speech. we are 10% of the population but we commit 58% of the crime. whats the stats today.70% born out of wedlock, fatherless homes, gang violence unpresidented. all black creation. quit blaming the white man. the victim mentality is killing your race"

02.25.2016 Amy

"Thank you Ashley! ... for putting yourself on the line by visually forcing HRC and those of her supporters who are blind to her true colors to finally confront her ugly injustices and continued acts of superiority to the very people she thinks she deserves respect and admiration from."

02.25.2016 Sangus

"Stop calling her a SHE! She's a THEY!"

02.25.2016 Bill Smith

"So now this leftist kook wants to control my perception of her?"

02.25.2016 Karen

"It's disgusting to see the vulgar language being used. I'm so ashamed. People can't disagree without being hateful and demeaning. Whichever side of the issues you fall on, you should be able to convey your thoughts without hate. Anyone who can't do that - you are the real problem. Beaufort, SC."

02.25.2016 Martyn Collins

"You are over educated and underexposed."

02.25.2016 Shon

"She said nothing wrong. I am a Black woman who has raised two law abiding excellent sons. Everyday I see young Black kids who behave like pack animals and they should HEEL. Apologize to who. Drug dealers and gang bangers should be made worse than to heel. Take you argument to the Black youth who kill each other and innocent people with out regard for human life. You got your 15 minutes now move on."

02.25.2016 MLH

"Absolutely inspiring - disruption is necessary when you're not ever given the floor. HRC revealed her true colors, once again showing us she's all about doublespeak when it comes to civil rights."

02.25.2016 Olive Seattle

"A great success - - so inspiring! In essence you pulled a Kanye West and snatched tha' mic girl. It's poor strategy and focuses the microscope on you Ashley. I'm a non-white and yes racism is forever present but, there are more effective ways to get your point across. Kanye looked crazy and... what was he saying? ... ... ... I don't remember because Kanye's message was overshadowed by his actions. I saw in the news some time ago -- BLM protesters chanting "Pigs in a blanket. Fry ‘em like bacon!" It feels like the BLM Gang will only find satisfaction when the number of white cops equals the number of black people shot. I support freedom of speech. I feel you should try shaking more hands instead of shaking a fist like what the BLM Gang has become synonymous with. The video of you and Clinton I watched just now... *shakes head*"

02.25.2016 Dennis HBCU Shaw U 94'

"Ashley, for future reference you do not speak for me or the black race. You speak for yourself, and you should relay that message when you choose to espouse yourself."

02.25.2016 Definitelynotawhiteperson

"As a black person, I can honestly say that people never comment anonymously pretending to be another race to make a point that is clearly the opinion of a white person. Never. Also, a shout out to "AsI'mStillAliveAndYouAreARudeMillWillNotGetOutOfYoWay" for admitting that you are indeed in the way. That was big of you. White supremacy will be crushed."

02.25.2016 Lexi

"Some of the comments above underline the need for BLM to be heard. Hillary is a big girl and she has shown (for decades) that she can handle the pressure. I would like Hillary to acknowledge and take up this important issue, and I applaud BLM for insisting that it be part of the political debate."

02.25.2016 Questagnostics

"Black people deserve to have a good life just like everybody else. They maybe need to look at others who have succeeded in the US. If some fantasy organization gives out statues every year and for a couple of years no one black gets one, start your own thing. If the cops pull you over, just follow their directions, you aren't going to win on the side of the road. That's true for ALL races. If you get caught committing a crime, comply and have your attorney work the best deal for you. Start your own businesses to serve your community if the big companies don't. Hell, they'll probably even fund you if they think they can make money. Basically, play the game the way that regular white people have to. Try to win over the general public. Delaying my commute to my job doesn't garner any sympathy for your cause."

02.25.2016 Gloria Sanchez

"Don't listen to all these negative comments! You are powerful mujer and your bravery is inspiring! People clearly don't understand the urgency of the BLM movement and the need to hold all leaders accountable for their actions."

02.25.2016 Jared

""Other generations need to listen to us and get out of our way! It's our turn to fight for freedom." Wow Ashley, are you seriously going to push older African Americans aside just because they don't understand or identify with Millennial activism?! This is the reason why people continuously refer to us, Millennials, as spoiled, self-centered and ultimately clueless about how the real world works. You can form alliances with older people and take the lead. When older people see that you respect them and build upon their successes, they will willingly step aside to let you lead. This, I think, is a slippery slope."

02.25.2016 slimjim

"go to haides evil witch"

02.25.2016 Ajax

"Ms. Williams, I applaud you for your courage and grace at the Clinton event. You didn't scream, you didn't force polarization. You stood tall and talked with passion and logic. This will help the cause-- if anybody is listening."

02.25.2016 Mike

""decentralize whiteness" - translation: be an entitled black racist ."

02.25.2016 Britt

"You are EPIC! You are made it to the political headline of the Huffington Post!!!"

02.25.2016 Bob Chavarria

"Your courage is shocking and necessary. Thank you for your work. Keep on keepin' on."

02.25.2016 Julie Rose

"I commend you on what you did at Clinton's event on 2/24/16. It took courage."

02.25.2016 jal11180

"Ashley Williams, you are no better than the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, American Indian Movement, La Raza, Ketuanan Melayu, Perkasa, Genyosha, Great Japan Patriotic Party, Seikijuku, and countless other ones that exist all over the world. The only differences to them are the colors of their hair, skin, and eyes, the symbols and logos that they use, their flags and banners, and the colors that they use in their symbols, logos, flags, and banners. However, in the end, they are ALL the same and you can blame it all on one thing and that is a little book called "On the Origin of the Human Species, or, the Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life," you know, that one book that was made by Charles Darwin? His book, and countless other ones that came before and after him, as well as countless philosophers that came before and after him, that favor those viewpoints in their lives are EXACTLY the reasons on why you have class struggle, inefficient governments worldwide, and why EVERY form of government, INCLUDING Anarchism, is doomed to failure. Your ONLY Source of Hope is found within the Jewish and Christian Holy Scriptures and within YAHASHUA HA'MASHIACH in your heart, mind, and life, period, full stop. Argue otherwise and you are not only ironically no better than your enemies, but that, like them, you only contribute to the problem rather than to the solution, but then again, knowing you, you would rather contribute to the problem and complain about it and to also promote ineffective plans that do nothing but make it worse rather than solving it, kind of like Ralph T. Wolf failing to get the sheep because of Sam the Sheepdog and with using all of that Acme and Ajax stuff and like Wile E. Coyote failing to get Bugs Bunny or the Road Runner because he also favors using Acme and Ajax stuff to get the Road Runner instead of using plans that will actually work. You have two choices in your life. You can promote your own historical revisionism and gloss over the fact that your ancestors did equally heinous things, not only to people of other hair, skin, and eye colors, but also to themselves as well (and that they STILL also do those things in some parts of the world), and not solve a damn thing in the end, or you can shut your pompous, arrogant, prideful, bigoted, judgmental, intolerant, immature, and elitist pie hole and you can listen to an ACTUAL voice of reason like myself in your life. Finally, if you want to look at who started the slave problem all those years ago, then you might want to look up who the first slave owner was in this country. I will tell you who he is and his name is Anthony Johnson. Go use Google to look up who he was, cupcake. I will wait for you to come back."

02.25.2016 Richard

""As a black man the black lives matter movement has been embarrassing. Their tactics or the tactics of the GOP. They attacked to Democratic candidates at their speaking engagements,without really knowing what they're talking about. Both candidates have been fighting for equal rights longer than they have been born. They have done more for black people than 90% of the people in their movement. The attack so childish the way they go about trying to get their message out is so completely wrong. They are everything that FOXNews says they are, and they prove it every time they pull one of these starts doing exactly what FOXNews in the GOP wants them to do. They are becoming more of a joke than anything else." - Grow up Ashley"

02.25.2016 AsI'mStillAliveAndYouAreARudeMillWillNotGetOutOfYoWay.

"As you majored in Dance couldn't you have incorporated in some kind of Dance Protest? Maybe some kind of Free Form Dance entitled "Protest By Annoyance.""

02.25.2016 Cheyne

"Thank you for exposing hillary's record!! I wish more people payed attention to the the details like you."

02.25.2016 Brian

"Keep Bringing attention to Hillary! she does not care about CJ reform and receives donations from private prisons! Good job Ashley!"

02.25.2016 Adrienne Jones

"Thank you for last night. Hillary needs to acknowledge her very damaging past actions before we can ever trust her with more power."

02.25.2016 Barrie

"Great job in Charleston last night!"

02.25.2016 Jeremiah Leo

"Good job on the Clinton speech interruption. Now you need to go to the GOP candidates, because if there is a leadership group that needs to hear your message, it's the Republicans. Confronting the Democrats about BLM is like kicking your dog and wondering why she runs away from you every time you try to pet her."

02.25.2016 Pat

"Why doesn't Ashley and her cohorts go deep into the South Side of Chicago and protest black on black crime, which is one of the biggest issues facing black people today. As a black woman most BLM movement tactics offend me. Until we can solve our own problems, how can we expect any politician to solve them for us. These people are a bunch of frauds and opportunists and I see no value in what they are doing. For instance, BLM wanted to hold a 'blacks only" meeting in a Nashville library but were banned because the facility has a nondiscimination policy. Can you imagine if white people had done the same thing? There would have been massive protests."

02.25.2016 Scott

"Thank you for your efforts highlighting the hypocrisy and racism of the 1990s New Democrats. Their legacy, and the damage they did to this nation, should never be forgotten. The fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton are so beloved by demographics that were hurt so terribly by their words and actions saddens and disgusts me."

02.25.2016 justice delayed is justice denied

"Brunswick Ga Wall Plaque placed on the wall honoring a fallen Officer Named Freeman while oct 5 ,1930 news of officer lynching innoent black man named grant in jail while being protected by ga national guard. No one paced a plaque at the police station for this citizen who was black and innocent"

02.25.2016 David

"As a black man the black lives matter movement has been embarrassing. Their tactics or the tactics of the GOP. They attacked to Democratic candidates at their speaking engagements,without really knowing what they're talking about. Both candidates have been fighting for equal rights longer than they have been born. They have done more for black people than 90% of the people in their movement. The attack so childish the way they go about trying to get their message out is so completely wrong. They are everything that FOXNews says they are, and they prove it every time they pull one of these starts doing exactly what FOXNews in the GOP wants them to do. They are becoming more of a joke than anything else."

02.25.2016 Bill

"It's sad to see progressive protestors adopting the tactics of the right wing. There's really nothing "courageous" about tricking your way into an event in order to blind-side someone to get your name in the news. Did you notice that this person displayed the sign for the camera and not for Clinton, who tried to respond respectfully until it became clear that no dialogue was possible? This is all show - kind of like attending civil rights marches in Vermont."

02.25.2016 Diya

"As an older black woman, I congratulate you, Ashley, on your tremendous courage. I hope the video of you confronting Clinton about her " super-predator" comments goes viral. I wish the black women and men of South Carolina who act as if they are still on the plantation would open their eyes to the terrible legacy of Hilary and Bill Clinton. I wish the entire Black Lives Matter Mivement would have a protest tomorrow, before the South Carolina primary, to bring the truth of this woman's deception of black folks to the attention of the world. Ask Cornell West and Spike Lee to help. You deserve a strong voice! Thank you for your courage."

02.25.2016 Diya

"As an older black woman, I congratulate you, Ashley, on your tremendous courage. I hope the video of you confronting Clinton about her " super-predator" comments goes viral. I wish the black women and men of South Carolina who act as if they are still on the plantation would open their eyes to the terrible legacy of Hilary and Bill Clinton. I wish the entire Black Lives Matter Mivement would have a protest tomorrow, before the South Carolina primary, to bring the truth of this woman's deception of black folks to the attention of the world. Ask Cornell West and Spike Lee to help. You deserve a strong voice! Thank you for your courage."

02.25.2016 Paul

"stay the fuck out of my state with that blacklivesmatter bullshit. you are the ignorant ones"

02.25.2016 Rodriguez

"It's breathtaking that activists like Ashley would pay to crash a private event like this just to get her name out there. And that's all this sort of stunt accomplishes. I'm going to go ahead and assume she's a Berner, those that have smeared John Lewis' and Dolores Huerta's good names as a way of 'drawing contrasts,' however that works. Why not target Cornel West, who called Obama 'the first niggerized president'? -- Oh, probably because of laws that someone didn't even vote for still need to be shamed right? What about the other person running who VOTED for that law? There is a time and a place for meaningful dialogue. Your actions have shown that you either don't care or don't understand the difference."

02.25.2016 Rodriguez

"It's breathtaking that activists like Ashley would pay to crash a private event like this just to get her name out there. And that's all this sort of stunt accomplishes. I'm going to go ahead and assume she's a Berner, those that have smeared John Lewis' and Dolores Huerta's good names as a way of 'drawing contrasts,' however that works. Why not target Cornel West, who called Obama 'the first niggerized president'? -- Oh, probably because of laws that someone didn't even vote for still need to be shamed right? What about the other person running who VOTED for that law? There is a time and a place for meaningful dialogue. Your actions have shown that you either don't care or don't understand the difference."

02.25.2016 Philip

"We can discuss back and forth about Ashley's timing and motives, that's a waste of time. BUT, her demeanor and he ability to speak calmly in the face of the most powerful political campaigner and organization in the US speaks volumes. I do not agree with probably 60% of her views, but I applaud her activism and her in-your-face citizen's message: business as usual is over."

02.25.2016 Journi

"Ashley thankyou for speaking up about what needs to be spoken up about. People here don't like that you spoke out against Hillary. I think they should be MUCH more upset about what Hillary said about 30 Million US citizens. I find that emperor has no clothes when you speak the naked truth."

02.25.2016 Rob

"Can't believe the people calling her an attention-seeking opportunist because she rightfully bought up a vile part of Hillary's past. Do you people have no shame? smh. Ashley, your bravery is inspiring. I don't know that I would've been able to keep my cool as well as you did in that video. Solidarity."

02.25.2016 Liberalvoter

"Ashley Williams is an opportunist who will do harm to her movement with this. It will bring her under scrutiny and when her attitudes about Israel and Jews comes out, she'll damage the movement she purports to lead. Also, this will bring out the fact that Clinton never made there reference she is accusing her of. Clinton was talking about how gangs (no reference to race) were using children and harming them. Sanders was even more explicit in his use of the term. So, the question then becomes: Is Ashley trying to further herself? Or, is she working for America Rising?"

02.25.2016 Jesse

"Ms. Williams, this is why I can't take you seriously and think you are an opportunist. 1. Hillary Clinton didn't write, vote, or sign the law in question, her husband did. Why have you not protested the senators that actually voted for the law? 2. MLK believed in civil discourse, as a result, he was able to take his message all the way to the Oval Office. Crashing a fundraiser at someone's residence is small minded and will do more harm than good for the cause. It's hard for people to hear you when you are being disrespectful and annoying. I'm black and I matter and I'm offended that your stunt might negativily reflect the black community as a bunch of nuts!!!"

02.25.2016 John

"Watching BLM activists going after Democratic presidential candidates is absolutely absurd. If you really believe Sanders or Clinton don't have your best interests at heart, you're clearly not paying attention. Plus, the appropriate setting to voice your concerns would be a formal meeting; not rudely interrupting somebody in the middle of a speech just so you can get your name in the headlines."

02.25.2016 Gregg

"So proud of you for standing up to Hillary Clinton in such a powerful and respectful and intelligent way."

02.25.2016 zaffar iqbal

"Keep up the good work!!"

02.25.2016 Truth told 1 way is not truth

"This generation of black leaders are spoiled and pampered. They are disrespectful to their elders, true pioneers who battle real front lines of racism. This generation lacks wisdom, instead substitutes educational knowledge as it's creative thesis. This generational has not sacrifice enough, or had courage applaud their achievements. What sacrifices and achievements will history record, presently there are none."

02.25.2016 Michael

"Thank you for your activism, your art, your scholarship, and your courage. You are our present and our future with your awareness of the past."

02.25.2016 anna

"Ashley wants to be known and talked about black lives matter had a meeting with Hilary she should have channeled concerns then"

02.25.2016 Adrienne

"I think Ashley needs to respect those who have gone before her who have sought justice for all. "The get out of my generation's way" thing is quite immature. It happens to some of each generation all the time. If you have something beautiful and new to say, then say it. people- including those you "might want to yield the floor" will champion you. if you just want to push people around cause you're frustrated, well, it's been done before-- way too many times."

02.25.2016 Sandra Jennings

"It wouldn't have been law if congress woulfn.t have signed it. Including support from a few of the Black Caucus members. A lot of responsibility should be spread around."

02.25.2016 steverobert

"God knows who to pick to speak at the right time go Ashely,let no one stop u from speaking truth.l love what you are doing."

02.24.2016 Dan Kuhr

"What does 'non-colonial ways' mean? The conditions of 21'st century America is a far cry from colonialism perpetrated by Europeans. I grew up in the black ghetto of East Palo Alto. After all the money to gentrify, passage of the Hippie revolution, the Black Panther Movement, Angela Davis, East Palo Alto remains a ghetto. It has gotten worse with population that is uneducated and more violent."

02.24.2016 Shawn

"I think Ashley does more harm than good"

02.12.2016 April

"Ashley teaches, through activism, what love, courage and commitment looks like in action"

02.11.2016 Alex

"Ashley is incredibly inspiring"

02.10.2016 Briana

"Ashley is not an activist. Ashley is activism."

02.10.2016 Eunetta

"My sister is my role model she believes and I'm proud of her"

02.10.2016 Roderick

"I love people who love people And this activist is the epitome of just that!"

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